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Strawberry Jam

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The Gambero Rosso awarded our Strawberry Whole Fruit as the best of the compotes evaluated in a blind tasting panel made up of experts in sensory analysis, pastry chefs, chefs, and ice cream makers.

Creamy and easy to spread for an irresistable jam to be used as a filling for pancakes, cakes, or a simple soft sandwich. Try it combined with fresh ricotta cheese: you will have a fresh and tasty dish.

Ingredients: Strawberries, apples, fructose

Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep the pot in the refrigerator and consume within 15-20 days. 240g

made in a facility that handles nuts/dairy

Made by Stringhetto

When everything starts from nature From Tree to Jar. We are a company open to innovation, but we will never forget where we came from. That is, from the countryside. This is why in 2013 we decided to dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of some orchards to complete the production chain. The blackberries, pumpkins, apples and pears, quinces and figs of our jams come from lands that we cultivate personally, following that ancient craft of the land, with which fathers and sons have grown up.

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