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Our best extra virgins for “everyday” use in the kitchen (i.e. cooking) at very affordable pricing.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend purchasing large size EVOO packaging (i.e. over 750 ml.) especially in tin. We have found that the rate this oil becomes rancid is accelerated due to contact with larger amounts of air!

“Not only can you cook just about everything with olive oil, you should cook just about everything with olive oil instead of using unhealthy oils, fats and/or butter.”

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Who is Peppe Zullo?

Carol Petrini, founder of Slow Food describes him as a “Farmer Chef, who has been able to give back to his land its deserved pride!”

Oscar Farinetti, creator of Eataly says, “Chef Peppe Zullo is one of the best ambassadors of excellence from the Puglia region!”

Chef Peppe was born in Orsaro, among the gentle hills of the Puglia region in southeast Italy. In the 70’s he immigrated to North America where he opened his first restaurant in Boston. In the mid 1980”s he decided to go back to Italy, and settled back in his hometown of Orsaro. Now, Peppe’s farm, his restaurants and reception halls, wine cellars, and cooking school are the sources of joy and inspiration for his guests and his students alike.

We were witness, as you can see from our video taken during our visit, how this Chef takes such great care and pride on the quality and traceability of his raw materials he uses to create his extra ordinary Italian cuisine.

In Chef Peppe’s own words;

- Since oil is the base of everything you make in the kitchen, if you use good extra virgin olive oil you’ll make good food that tastes good!
- Invest in good olive oil and you will make good food and healthy food!
- “Simple food for intelligent people”!

You can’t go wrong by heeding the advice of this “wise sage” and use only the best ingredients in your kitchen to prepare your family meals.

As a finish and a condiment, high quality extra virgin olive oils are poured over many dishes from rice, potatoes, veggies, beans, red and white meats, and fish.
It has been used for cooking for thousands of years and has spread from the Mediterranean basin throughout the world.

extra virgins should be used in baking and desserts. They also make poultry and other light dishes shine.

extra virgins are great for dipping bread, mozzarella dishes, frying and sautéing.

extra virgins are perfect for cooking seafood, red meats, pasta sauces, peppers and garlic dishes and any other strongly flavored ingredients.

Cooking oil’s smoke point, is the temperature at which the oil begins to break down (releasing dangerous chemicals) and smoke. High quality extra virgin olive oils have a very high smoke point (i.e. over 425F.) which is very flexible and safe for most cooking applications.

One of our favorite uses is drizzling a nice Itrana on popcorn and using Truffle salt with grated Parmesan cheese! Spectacular!

You can experiment and try different EVOO’s on your creations and you’re sure to come up with some of your own favorites.