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All About Olive Oil


  • Fruity: 
    The fruity aroma of fresh olives (fruit) - a very important part of its flavor, dependent upon the cultivar and ripeness of the olive. (fresh cut grass, artichoke, veggies) - “retronasal effect”
  • Bitterness:
    The 2nd positive attribute of 100% pure extra virgin olive oils, along with pepperiness, it is an acquired taste. (much like coffee, beer or dark chocolate) - a characteristic of the oil that makes it enhance food it is paired with. - it is recognized on the surface of the tongue, so when you taste the oil make sure to let it roll over your tongue 1st before swallowing. - again dependent on cultivar of the olive.
  • Spicy:
    The burning or peppery sensation perceived in the back of the throat. - this is a very important positive characteristic which is a chemical irritation caused by the levels of polyphenols and antioxidants in the oil. The spicier, the higher the polyphenols and the better health benefits.

Note: these oils must be paired with foods wisely to fully appreciate the qualities of these super rich oils, which can enhance the flavor of many foods.

To learn more about food pairings of our different extra virgins please visit Serving Suggestions.

Some fun facts you may not know:

  • Largest producer in the world, SPAIN and their largest customer, ITALY!!! (U.S production less than 1% worldwide!)
  • 95% of the olive oil consumed in the U.S. is imported
  • Over 90% of the Olive Oil in the U.S. labeled as Extra Virgin is questionable and to what it really is…….(over 40% of California oils match this fact!) - Learn more in: Extra Virgin Olive VS. Other Oils.