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How can I contact you?

Please contact us by phone; 1 (617) 859-8582 or email

May I change my order?

Yes, you can make a change or addition to your order. Due to the nature of “on-line” ordering however, the changes should be made expeditiously in order to avoid further CC charges. We advise using our phone number to discuss any changes with us.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we currently do not ship internationally.

Can you find specific oil for me?

We really enjoy hearing about your tasting experiences during your travels. Requesting a specific oil from an Italian Producer would be difficult to honor due to availability, shipping costs, and familiarity with that Producer. We will however, ask Johnny about your request and perhaps suggest another oil from our extensive collection which will closely match cultivar or geographical region of the oil you’ve requested.

What forms of payment can I use?

We honor American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa and PayPal for payments.

Do you offer a discount on volume orders?

Yes, we offer a 10% volume discount on cases of 6 bottles or 12 bottles of the same item (ie. SKU). Please contact us at This is an excellent way to save on some of your favorite extra virgins. Case amount varies by producers. In the event that you didn't get your 10% off we will give a store credit on your account for your next order and has no cash value

What happens if I receive damaged goods?

We take great care to make sure that our products arrive in their best condition. If for any reason you order arrives damaged, please follow the explicit directions and protocols, we ask that you keep all the packaging and send us a photo of the damage item(s) to and contact our customer service department within 5 days of receipt of the product by phone at 617 859-8582 or by email.

Why isn’t my oil pouring when I remove the cap?

There’s a great question! Most of our Producers use a “tamper proof” cap commonly used throughout the European Union. Remember too, that your extra virgin has been “topped off” with either Argon or Nitrogen gas which must be purged before the oil will start to flow!
Pretend you’re handling a ketchup bottle and tip upside down and shake vigorously for a few seconds. Voila!

Why don’t you offer bottles or “tins” over 750 ml.?

We have found over the years that unless you use vast amounts of extra virgin olive oils on a daily basis, to use it up quickly, larger volumes only lead to problems with the oils breaking down and becoming rancid
before you know it! We believe this has to do with the amount of air left in the container after each use.

Do you have a Rewards Program?


Reward Program is Pour! Don't Drizzle - Olio Points. For more information go to Rewards

How to Login to Website/Forgot Password?

You can login from my account or Login and enter your email and password and click sign in. If this is your 1st time on our website (as we have updated our website) you will need to reset your password – click on "forgot your password?" and enter your email and follow prompt (Sometimes it takes to few minutes to get the email, if that does not work, look in your spam folder) If you need assistance you can email

How do I manage my Membership?

If this is your 1st time on our website (as we have updated our systems) You will have to click on “New user? Get your signup link here,  enter the email you had previously used and follow the prompts. If you need to manage your membership you can do so by clicking on “Membership” and click on “Manage Subscription” and enter your info, if you forgot your password you will need to click on “Forgot Password? If you need assistance you can email 

How can I cancel my Membership?

If you need to cancel your membership please call 617 859-8582 or email us at within 7 days of your membership renewal date.

Where are you located?

We are not a “brick and mortar” establishment and do not have any retail locations, but a pure E-Commerce Internet company located in the Boston area. We ship to all 50 states from this location.