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What are the Classifications of Olive Oil?

Classifications of Olive Oil

Two (2) categories:

Natural Virgin Olive Oils and Manufactured or Refined Olive Oils

Natural Virgin Olive Oils

Solely from the olive fruit Mechanically extracted at low temperatures (old term-Cold Pressed) Washing, milling, centrifugation and filtration ONLY

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - less than 10% of world's production). Highest quality with a FFA of less than 0.8% and free of defects, (on your table)
  • Virgin Olive Oil - with a FFA of 0.9% to 3.3% with some mild defects
  • Lampante - Virgin Olive Oil with strong defects, with a FFA of greater than 3.3% Unfit for human consumption without REFINING due to poor taste.

Manufactured or Refined Olive Oils

Lampante oil neutralized with caustic soda, followed by washing and heating (with steam) to remove odors.
This results in a colorless, odorless neutral olive oil (I call DEAD, devoid of flavor and nutrition)

  • Olive Oil or Pure Olive Oil - A blend of Refined Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil (added for flavor and color, less than 10%)
  • Light or Extra Light Olive Oil - A blend of Refined Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil in a lesser % than above.
  • Olive Oil Pomace - The by-product of oil milling, made up of olive skins, pulp and pits. From this pomace oil is extracted using solvents.