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When everything starts from nature From Tree to Jar. We are a company open to innovation, but we will never forget where we came from. That is, from the countryside. This is why in 2013 we decided to dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of some orchards to complete the production chain. The blackberries, pumpkins, apples and pears, quinces and figs of our jams come from lands that we cultivate personally, following that ancient craft of the land, with which fathers and sons have grown up.

The FIRST STEPS - 1983 The history of Stringhetto coincides with the story of a family, of a father, Fabrizio, a boy who grew up in the countryside in close contact with the land. A boy who soon becomes a man by creatinga company that deals with the retail and wholesale of fruit and vegetables from stratch. These are years of construction, of hard work, of alarm clocks that go off at three in the morning. The years pass and Fabrizio, alongside Antonella, who has become a wife and irreplaceable workmate, makes the business grow and with it his children are born and grow up.

Family Business - It will be one of them, Stefano, who will be the engine of change in this company that from a commercial company is transformed into a production center. Stefano is just 18 years old when in 2000, as a self-taught, he tries his hand at the production of the first jams. The study, application and preserverance will lead him to develop a line of fruit-based preperations that are unique in their kind because they are made without added pectin or thickeners.

FRUIT AND... CHOCOLATE - The desire to develop and grow is part of the essence of this company which in 2006 enriched its offer by engaging in the production of Chocolate Spreads, Cremini and Truffles available in different formats, always with a focus on quality.

STORES - The desire to get in touch with our customers has prompted us to open brand stores in Bologna in one of the most prestigious corners in the city, Piazza Maggiore at the corner with Via Orefici.

TODAY - Today Stringhetto has become a center specialized in the production of Fruit and Chocolate-based Preperations and, recently, also of Sweet and Sour Vegetables. This latter is a whole new project in the testing phase.