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Serving Suggestions

Delicate, Medium, Robust

Choose the perfect Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your dishes with our serving suggestions.


Delicate Category

These elegantly smooth Extra Virgins Olive Oils are harvested later in the season from more ripe olives. They have qualities that show-off their buttery, often sweet and nutty flavors. The oils in this group are perfect with; salads, steamed or grilled fish, broiled or grilled chicken, vegetable soups, steam or sauteed vegetables and mild cheeses.

Medium Category‚Äč

This group of Extra Virgins Olive Oils have qualities of less ripeness but also light in fruitiness. Their flavors remind one of fresh cut grass, almonds and apple. Displaying slight bitterness and pungency, these oils are picked and milled in the middle of the seasonal harvest. The oils in this group are great on; salads, soups, chicken, grilled veggies, lentils, beans, broccoli, pasta and pizza.

Robust Category‚Äč

The olives for these oils are usually picked early during the seasonal harvest and are of the variety with perhaps the strongest and most complex flavors! The nose is fresh and very green, tingly and full of herbal deep and inviting character. These Extra Virgins Olive Oils have the highest concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants, which give them their very characteristic pepperiness and spiciness deep in the throat. They are perfect for deep and hearty dishes such as; steaks and chops, soups and stews, bruschetta, pasta with sauce, beans and lentils.