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Sage Oil

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Alfredo does something very special and unusual here; he places whole sage along with the his olives as they go through the crushing process and into the malaxation machine.

Great on grilled meats, roasts and cheese. White pasta, risottos and white fish fillets

Monocultivar: Itrana and Sage

Region: in the Providence of Latina, near Sonnino

Harverst: picking by hand, November thru December

Uses: It brightens many dishes where sage is expected: Focaccia, breads, chicken, lamb, pork, pastas, risotto

Flavor: Unlike any other "flavored" oils, essence is never used!

(Actual product may differ in packaging)

Made by Alfredo Cetrone

"Alfredo Cetrone: grower by passion"! This is the perfect description of our very good friend, Alfredo Cetrone.

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