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Melata di Bosco (Honeydew) Miele in an Elegant Box

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125g Italian Honeydew Honey in an Elegant Box.

Honeydew is a sweet and sticky liquid, secreted by certain insects, usually as they feed on plant sap. Honeydew is collected by honeybees, which process it into a dark, strong honey known as honeydew honey, forest honey or tree honey. Full-bodied and silky smooth, this amber color honey has an incredibly distinct and intense aroma of the woods, a malty, earthy flavor and a strong smell like molasses. This honey contains a higher antioxidant, antibacterial activity level, mineral content and greater nutritional and therapeutic benefits
It pairs perfectly with seasoned cheeses and ricotta; it is an ideal drizzle for fresh fruit, desserts and Greek yoghurts. Try it with your coffee! 

Product picture differ from actual product.

Made by I Greppi di Silli

The Greppi di Silli farm is located in the rolling hills between Florence and Siena and very near the villages of Saint Casciano and Mercatale.

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