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La Mola

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It is a beautiful intense golden yellow color with slight green hues

Cultivars: Frantoio 60%, Leccino 30%, Penolino 10%

Size: 0.5L and 0.25L


Region: Lazio, Italy

Harvest: Hand picked, mechanical rakes, 2020/2021 

Uses: Thanks to its light, fruity flavor, it would pair well with steamed fish, raw, steamed or boiled veggies, light sauces and other delicate foods.

Flavor/Aroma: La Mola has a floral character all of its own and is always recognisable. Spring and early summer smells of freshly-cut grass and even hay but above all of this there is something tingly which is preparing us for something fresh and probably peppery in the mouth. But the mouth is more complex than this: there is a delcious freshness but this is complemented by a warm, full, buttery nuttiness. There are flavours of artichoke, lettuce, apples and Swiss chard. The lingering sensation at the end is of olives picked at exactly the right moment: fresh, a little bitter with just the right amount of burn. Perfect balance.

94/100 Flos Olei 2017 A Guide to The World of Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

93/100 Flos Olei 2016 - A Guide to The World of Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

"Best Olive Oil in the World" Flos Olei 2014 - A Guide to The World of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gold Medals 2013 - New York and Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competitions



Made by Societa Agricola La Mola

The family farm is located in the Sabine hills between Rome and Reiti (Lazio), where olive oil production has been playing a major role in agriculture in the region for centuries.

Anna Maria Billi, along with her daughters Paola and Francesca have been carrying on the family tradition of producing award winning extra virgin olive oils since 1996. The oil labeled, La Mola, (named after the ancient oil mill owned by the family and located on old maps) is part of the production of extra virgin olive oils including Ziro and Sole Sabina. La mola is obtained using ancient and traditional methods, collected manually while still green, and processed by a highly, modern oil-mill the same day as harvested! The oil is not filtered but naturally decanted, so as to maintain its natural properties.

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