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Colline Pontine D.O.P.

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It is clear and light green in color. Its aroma is complex and elegant characterized by herbal tones with fruity hints of tomato almond and banana

Monocultivar: 100% Itrana

Size: 0.5L 

Region: in the Province of Latina, near Sonnino.

Harvest: Picking by Hand, December thru January 2022/2023

Uses: Excellent paired with grilled fish, grilled white and red meats, risotto, raw and cooked veggies, spelt and pulse salads, vegetable and pulse soups, cheese.

Flavor/Aroma: Elegant notes of tomato, almond and banana and balsamic herbs of sage and mint. Bitter and spicy flavors are definite and present, but in perfect harmony. Its aroma is complex and elegant, characterized by herbal tones with fruity hints of tomato, almond and banana.

97/100 Flos Olei 2020 - A Guide to the World of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

20 Best Olive Oil Competition of Latium:  Best Monovarietal  Extra Virgin Olive Oil rich Polyphenols and Tocopherals.

SLOW FOOD National Guide Book:  prize - “Award of the Decade”

DER FEINSCHMECKER International Guide Book - Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

MERUM International Guide Book - Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Made by Alfredo Cetrone

"Alfredo Cetrone: grower by passion"! This is the perfect description of our very good friend, Alfredo Cetrone.

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