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Cerasuola Biologico

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Intense golden yellow color with slight green hues. 

Monocultivar: 100% Cerasuola Organic

Size: 0.5L and 0.25L

Polyphenols: 361

Region: Grisi, Monreale - Palermo

Harvest: picking by hand, October 10th - November 20th 2020/2021

Uses: soups/stews, chicken, vegetables, legumes, pasta, bruschetta, potato

Flavor/Aroma: The nose starts gently with a delicate green freshness but then in the mouth the most extraordinary sensation of chocolate is felt. I don’t know if it exists but I would call it green chocolate. There is a highly unusual green sweetness but it is never a ripe sweetness. The burn is slow in coming and is never unbalance. There is something also of raw green fava beans and cardoons (the milder stems of a cousin of the artichoke). The finish is long but gentle with a hint of ginger. Intense and complex aroma that reminds us of artichoke, cardoon, tomato leaf, hay and fresh herbs. At first the taste is sweet, later becoming slightly bitter with balanced pungency, and a pleasing persistent aftertaste of bitter almond.

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Made by Feudo Disisa

We arrived on a sparkling sunny day in a beautiful valley near Grisi, a small village south of Palermo and discovered the magnificent estate, Feudo Disisa.

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