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Feudo Disisa

Feudo Disisa

We arrived on a sparkling sunny day in a beautiful valley near Grisi, a small village south of Palermo and discovered the magnificent estate, Feudo Disisa.

Our hosts, Mario and Renato Di Lorenzo were more than gracious as we spent most of the day touring their olive groves and grape vineyards, and inspecting their olive oil mill and winery.

Indeed, Feudo Disisa is better known in gastronomic circles for their exquisite wines, which are world-renowned.

After our tour, we were invited to stay for a late lunch. Our lunch was served on a beautiful deck on the 2nd floor of the winery, just outside their stately "tasting room". I knew we were somewhere special as I looked out from the terrace, viewing the farm nestled in the picturesque "Conca d'Oro" valley with a good view of the village of Corleone in the distance.

Locally made pizza, gluten-free pasta (especially for Tina) and cooked to perfection, local cheeses and bread, all served with Disisa extra virgin olive oil and Feudo Disisa wines!

It was a hearty and sumptuous feast, served with little fanfare and yet with great pride and friendship as we all enjoyed our host's warm hospitality before heading out to our next destination.