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IO Organic

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Io has an intense green color which is slightly opaque

Monocultivar: 100% Caninese

Size: 0.5L and 0.25L

Polyphenols: 545

Region: Blera, Tuscia, Lazio

Harvest: Picked by hand, October - November 2021/2022

Uses: Excellent on soups, steaks and chops, grilled veggies, lentils, bruschetta, broccoli, pasta and pizza.

Flavor/Aroma: Its nose is fruity and green of a medium intensity and has definite vegetables notes of green leaves and artichoke. The bitterness and pepperiness are evident but well balanced. The finish corresponds with the nose: definite herbal sensations along with the outer green skin of the walnut. Excellent aromatic harmony. Io has an intense green color which is slightly opaque.

BIOL International Prize - 2020 - the Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World 

97/100 Flos Olei - 2020 - A Guide to the World of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

case of 12


Made by Colli Etruschi

In 2014 Flos Olei awarded Best Olive Oil in the World to Colli Etruschi's flagship EVO oil - a spectacular single variety Caninese extra virgin. The oil really did have the most extradordinary deep, herbal character and a beautiful spicy green length to it but the award was really to show recognition to the people at the cooperative who, over the years, had managed to bring together over 350 local farmers and convince them that quality was possible and, most of all, necessary if they wanted to make a living from their olives.

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