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Primo Spray BIO

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Bright Green

Monocultivar: Tonda Iblea BIO

Size: 0.25


Region: Chiaramonte Gulfi, Sicily

Harvest: 2023/2024 - picking by hand, mid September -mid-October

Uses: Grilled meats and fish, soups and salads, bruschetta, raw on green and grilled vegetables 

Flavor/Aroma: Full-bodied and intense, bitter and a spicy present and balanced, green tomato flavour and fresh herbs. Balanced fruity with pronounced notes of green tomato, freshly cut grass and aromatic fresh herbs 


Made by Frantoi Cutrera

The family Cutrera have been tending and cultivating olive trees since 1906 in Chiarmonte Gulfi, in the southeast area of Sicily. The descendants of the patriarch, Giovanni Cutrera, founder of the first mill are carrying on that tradition today. His youngest son, Salvatore, with the help of other family members manages the largest and most modern mill in all of Sicily.

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