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Cultivar(s): Frantoio, Favolosa

Size: 0.5L and 0.25L


Region: Cilento (Salerno)

Harvest: Hand picking Nov 2022/2023

Uses: universal oil, ideal for seafood, red meat carpaccio, mayonnaise, delicate sauces.

Flavor/Aroma: Delicate fruitiness of grass and leaves with marked floral notes, greeen almond and tomato leaf.  
Slight hint of vegetable bitterness of rocket and radicchio that fades into pleasant spicy perceptions.


Made by Fattoria Ambrosio 1938

Johnny Madge recently introduced us to this Producer of some of the finest extra virgin olive oils in Italy and perhaps the world. Indeed, Johnny's introduction to our Tour group visiting his mill in the Cilento area during the fall of 2019 was quite spectacular (but now I feel underrated), as "the great Massimo Ambrosio" of Cilento!

Massimo's mill, brand new and equipped with the latest technological advances for milling extra virgin olive oil was well hidden in the countryside, "off the beaten path" surrounded by "geometric groves" of olives.

We were enormously fortunate to have Massimo host us as he started up his mill and we were able to watch all the fascinating steps he and his assistant took to produce the iridescent, green extra virgin olive oil (see images) we all tasted straight out of the centrifuge!

Our guests have asked repeatedly since, when we would we be able to offer this spectacular extra virgin on our website. Well, now it's here...

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