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26th Mar 2019

Vinitaly - Verona - April 7-10, 2019

“The International Wine and Spirits exhibition is a great occasion for memorable tastings that are different from year to year.”

There will be various forums we will be visiting throughout the event and we will be concentrating and paying particular attention to the Sol & Agrifood Showcase.

This exhibition will “showcase” excellence in agrifoods: from pasta to salami, confectionery to coffee, and from beer to extra virgin olive oil.

Most importantly, it will highlight the winners of the Sol d’Oro Competition (held February 2019) as a preview to the Showcase in Verona. 

We will be able to sample the extra virgin olive oils that won awards in the Sol d’Oro Competition. The Competition aims to promote the world’s best extra virgin olive oils and encourage improvements in production and quality.

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