Tina and I were lucky enough to spend the weekend in New York City and visit the 64th annual Summer Fancy Food Show !

We were able to see and (not) taste over 180,000 products in 2400 Exhibits and from over 50 countries. Thousands attended the 3-day event at the Jacob Javits Exhibition Center and as can be seen from the images posted the event is gaining even more popularity year after year.

Our special interest of course, was the exhibits of over 250 Italian producers of “specialty foods”!

We came away overwhelmed and appreciative of the many products and Italian delicacies.  These items included; pasta, pasta sauces, jams, jellies, crèmes and other condiments, truffle products, meats, olives, extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars and balsamic condiments, frozen foods, cookies, nut crèmes, gluten free and organic offerings, chocolates and other confections.  This may only be a partial list since it was very difficult to get to see all the exhibits during our one-day visit.

We were able to taste quite a few of these items (which can be a problem!) and found them really unique and delicious!

As a result, we are making plans to include some of these distinctive and unique items to our Membership. It would be a very good opportunity for our Members, who really appreciate “the gourmet experience” to give them a try, since they would be hard pressed to find these products here at home.


Fancy Food Show 2018 Rudi and Giorgio Franci