New Olive Oil Arrivals

It was so cool for me to be here in Boston this time just as the oil arrived. We went to get a massive truck that Rudi clearly enjoyed driving and set off to the deposit where the oils were. I was so excited to see the boxes of the oils that we had selected on our trip round south eastern Italy – they had crossed the Atlantic and here they were waiting for us to take them to the Madge & Louie’s depot.

When we got to the depot Tina, Rudi and I created a human chain and got all the oils onto the shelves in alphabetical order. I could not wait to get them back to Tina and Rudi’s house to taste them. This morning I tasted all 16 to try to get them into order – from the softer ones all the way up to the big robust ones.

There are some fascinating new oils here from varieties we have never stocked before, some which I had never tasted before this trip, including Crognaleto, Toccolana, Intosso, Cellina di Nardo’, Olivella di Grottaminarda, and Dritta. We also have bought oils from producers we had never bought from before.

The smells and flavors are quite extraordinary and new for me: delicious soft, baked beet aromas through raw pea and green beans and tomato sauce up to big clear, herbal, grassy, leafy oils with explosive and totally delicious fresh flavors.

It is going to be fun introducing people to these new styles. Contact our business to learn more about our Italian extra virgin olive oil.


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