Flos Olei 2019 -Westin Excelsior Rome December 8, 2018

A celebration and presentation of the latest edition of "Flos Olei - A guide to the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil".

Over 80 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Producers attend this annual event to introduce their new Extra Virgins for this years harvest. 

A press conference was held at the Gala Dinner which included a Prize winning ceremony awarded to various Producers regarding excellence in catagories such as: The Farm of the Year, The Best Emerging Farm, The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year, The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Farming, the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal (Light-Medium-Intense Fruity), The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blended (Light-Medium and Intense-Frutiy), Importer of the year and many more catagories.

The following day we were delighted to taste these oils from the award winners and many others from all over the world. Chefs were also on hand, creating their magic to match the best Olive Oils in the World with outstanding foods.

Rome Flos Olei Event 2019 | Extra Virgin Olive Oils