Enjoying your Olive Oil

Whether you are new to olive oil or just want to get the most out of your newest bottle, there are many great ways to enjoy this fantastic food (“the healthiest food on the planet!"):

Use Your Olive Oil in a Dip – One of the best and most pure ways to enjoy the many unique flavors of your olive oil is to enjoy it as a dip. You can add an array of spices to the dip, such as garlic, oregano, or parsley, or you can enjoy the natural flavors without any additions. Bread and vegetables are traditionally used when dipping.

Marinate with Olive Oil – Olive oil is used as a marinade by many top chefs. Many chefs prefer to use it on beef, as the olive oil helps raise the surface temperature, giving the meat a better sear. Add garlic and fresh herbs to your marinade to bring your meal to the next level.

Have an Olive Oil Stir Fry - Whether you are cooking vegetables or meat, extra virgin olive oil is a great option for your stir fry dishes, and to sauté garlic or onions. Because our extra virgin olive oils are so pure, they have a high smoking point, well over 400 degrees, that will allow you to make wonderful meals without a lot of extra ingredients.

Finishing oils -  Our oils are especially tasty as “finishing oils”, placed on cooked dishes right at the table.

Depending on their “intensity levels”, they are paired with steamed fish or veggies, roast or grilled meats, beans, pizza, pasta, salad, bruschetta and Caprese salads.

Review the selection of pure extra virgin olive oil we have to offer and start enjoying your EVO today!





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