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Azienda Agricola Viola

Azienda Agricola Viola

The Viola family has been tending the land and olive groves in the rocky hills of Umbria for four generations. They share a strong bond with this land and working the fields and olive groves are their only means of support and so, this is very important.

Marco Viola, the 4th generation cultivating olives pays particular respect to the land and the environment. He uses organic fertilization and traditional cultivation techniques to produce some of the finest oils in the world.

Viola extra virgin oils are produced from a balance of Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino varieties always hand harvested.

We met Marco Viola, a gracious host, with Johnny Madge on one of our first visits to the Umbria region in central Italy. After touring his mill and tasting his unique extra virgins we placed our first order in 2014.

Marco and I have met a few more times at the Flos Olei event in Rome, where every Fall, the event heralds the introduction of the years' new extra virgin olive oils from all over the world.

Viola extra virgin oils usually do very well at this event, taking "Ecosustainablity" awards in 2014, "Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Production" and "Top Farm"(the "Blue Cup") in 2015, and being awarded the prestigious "Top Farm" again in 2016. Marco Viola places a great deal of emphasis on ethical conduct, this, in order to provide the consumer with accurate information about his product. The purpose of which is to offer national and international markets, high quality, healthy and nutritional products from the Umbria region.

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