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Azienda Agricola Russo

Azienda Agricola Russo

The two extra virgin olive oils from Azienda Agricola Russo we have selected for this year are both Gold Medal winners in the prestigious 2017 New York International Olive Oil Competition and are both monocultivars made of 100% Minucciola olves.

In The Olive Oil Times, Constantino revealed; "The Gold Award is an important recognition of our commitment. Our olive groves, partly secular, grow at 250 meters above sea level in a limestone-clay terroir."

L'Arcangelo, named after Constantino and Rosa's father, is made from harvested 100% Minucciola olives hand picked in October or early November, whereas the Babbo is produced from this same cultivar usually picked in late November (making Babbo, a slightly more gentle version).

The production process at this farm, borrows principles from the wine production, that is, the harvested olives are carefully chosen and selected on a "sorting table". This method would obviously lead to lower production levels (as little as 20% last year), but raises the quality of the extra virgin olive oils produced!

Although the extra virgin olive oils produced by Azienda Argricola Russo are not certified organic, organic methods are used such as copper and lime to prevent and control insect manifestation (the Fly) throughout the growing season.

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