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Azienda Agricola Le Tre Colonne

Azienda Agricola Le Tre Colonne

Salvatore Stallone acquired the "family" business in 1986, it is located in Puglia, Giovanazzo near Bari. At that time, he decided to focus his work on producing the highest quality of extra virgin olive oils by using the latest technological advances in order to make this happen.

The result, by 2008 the Company obtained DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and have been collecting top national and international awards and received worldwide recognition for their famous monocultivar, Coratina extra virgin olive oil.

This Coratina, has and intense fruity flavor which provides the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil with a very high polyphenol content.

One of my first "road trips" in Italy had me driving from Rome, south over the Apennine Mountains, through the "bread basket" of Italy and into the largest olive producing region of Puglia where Le tre Colonne is located.

Salvatore Stallone, and his son handle the production end of the farm and manage the mill. We spent almost the entire day with Salvatore and his staff, inspecting his very modern facility, tasting lots of extra virgin olive oils, learning a great deal about his production methods and the monocultivar variety he is best known for, Coratina. Maria, his daughter handles the office and business aspects of the company. I remember Johnny and I working with Maria late one evening to fulfill some FDA paperwork for sales to the U.S. She is quite a capable administrator and we can easily say that the company is in very good hands as it continues to grow and receive world recognition for their fantastic extra virgins.