Welcome to Madge & Louie’s.

At Madge and Louie’s, you can be assured of the very freshest and finest Italian 100% Extra Virgin Olive oils, non-adulterated or blended with other oils — strictly the real thing! We can guarantee you this not only because of our extensive travels throughout Italy and the Mediterranean Basin, but because of the relationships we have developed over the years with Italian artisans producing our oils, as well as the knowledge we have gained from working with these olive oil producers.

The olives that are used to produce our 100% Extra Virgin Olive oils come from different parts of Italy and are of the highest quality. Our 100% Extra Virgin Olive oils are made from a single variety of olives (Monocultivar), or from a blend of various types of olives. Therefore, they will each have a different taste and fragrance. We will endeavor to help you recognize and select the Extra Virgin Olive oils which best suit your palate and complement the various dishes you prepare. We also have Organic Extra Virgin Olive oils as well.

As you may know, only 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil will provide you with many health benefits such as polyphenols and antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients. This presents a challenge to the consumer while purchasing their Extra Virgins based on labeling and price point alone. We want to take that risk out of your shopping experience and have you place your trust in Madge and Louie’s to provide you with the finest Italian 100% Extra Virgin Olive oils!