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Intense golden yellow with green undertones.

Monocultivar: 100% Toccolana

Size: 0.5L and 0.25L

Polyphenols: 301

Region: Pescara, Abruzzo

Harvest: picking by hand and mechanical rakes, October 2021/2022

Uses: grilled veggies, soups, stews, bruschetta, broccoli, pasta and pizza.

Flavor/Aroma:  A very balanced nose with exemplary clarity of expression: fresh hay and artichoke leaves, raw peas, Swiss chard and savory cabbage even hints of kale give way to a lovely complex, herbal finish.  A perfect balance of bitterness and pungency!  Your mouth is left clean and satisfied with a delicious, persistent, herbal sensation!

Gambero Rosso 2017 - Top Italian Food and Beverage Experience 

Grande Olio 2016 - Slow Foods

Merum (Germany) 2016 - Special Mention 

case of 6



Made by Azienda Agricola Guardiani Farchione

As we approached the town of Tocco da Casauria on a winding, uphill road, we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day and observed spectacular olive trees with the backdrop of the Majella and Morrone mountains. We arrived in this historical building in town, which was the headquarters of the Guardiani Farchione Company. There, we were hosted by Stafania Ricci, along with her son. After discussing their olive oil production, Stafania gave us a tour of the ancient cellars that were subterranean and cut into Majella stone. Architecturally, the building is magnificent and is often visited by tourists in the area.

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