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The Selections Armonia

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The nose shows hints of fresh grass and freshly cut grass, artichoke and green tomato. Persistent flavor, clean, release feelings of spicy supported by balanced perceptions of bitter.

Cultivars: Nocellara and Coratina

Size: 0.5L 

Polyphenols: 541

Region: Bari, Puglia

Harvest: Picking by hand, November 2020/2021

Uses: Soups, grilled vegetables, legumes, pasta, potato, pizza, bruschetta

Flavor/Aroma: The nose is clean and green with suggestions of raw pea; it is tingly and inviting with rubbed blades of grass and arugula. The mouth corresponds perfectly with what the nose had suggested but there is also here a flavor of mustard greens and raw fava beans. The mouth feel is wonderful and the balanced of bitterness and pungency is perfect. The finish is green, clean and zingy. Masterfully balanced oil.

Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere 2019 - Special Mention - Medium Fruit olive oil category

Il Magnifico 2017 - Medaglia D'Argento

O.L.E.A  2017 - "Le Selezioni Armonia - MENZIONE D'ONORE



2 Heart 2016 - "Le tre Colonne" Le Selezioni Armonia – Merum

Medium Fruity 2016 - Le Tre Colonne" Le Selezioni Armonia – Orciolo D’oro


Made by Azienda Agricola Le Tre Colonne

Salvatore Stallone acquired the "family" business in 1986, it is located in Puglia, Giovanazzo near Bari. At that time, he decided to focus his work on producing the highest quality of extra virgin olive oils by using the latest technological advances in order to make this happen.

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