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Miele Sample Pack in an elegant box

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This sample pack of Tuscan honey's include: 4 x 40 g. jars of an assorted varieties in a beautiful elegant box.

Photo may be different from actual product.

The honey included are:

Frutta di Bosco & Miele di Acacia - the taste and flavor of intense berries.

Sinfonia di Anice Stellato & Miele di Acacia - Acacia honey and star anise. There remains a clear sweet feeling and subsequently the aroma of anise is perceived, even if in a delicate way and without ever becoming excessive.

Our suggestion is to combine it with geltai and delicate tisane or fresh fromaggi.

Sinfonia di Tartufo Nero Pregianto & Miele di Acacia - A special symphony that can give the best in combination with refined appetizers or desserts. Try it with pecorino, excellent when melted in the oven, with gogonzola, but also with ricotta cheese made from artisan cow cheeses. Also interesting with cream or white ice creams in general .... given its intense aroma, it is advisable to open the jar a few minutes before consuming.

Sinfonia di Zafferano & Miele di Acacia - A symphony of Acacia honey with Saffron.  The taste of saffron is very evident and only gets stronger with time.  It goes well with aged cheeses.

Made by I Greppi di Silli

The Greppi di Silli farm is located in the rolling hills between Florence and Siena and very near the villages of Saint Casciano and Mercatale.

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