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Monocultivar: I-77

Size: 0.5L and 0.25L

Polyphenols: 199

Region: Abruzzo, Italy

Harvest: hand picking and mechanical rakes October 2022/2023

Uses: Excellent for starters of legumes, bruschetta, grilled vegetables, vegetable soups, bean soups, boiled or steamed potatoes, rice with vegetables, grilled meats, spun paste cheeses

Flavor/Aroma: Mild/Medium fruity with fresh herbacious notes of artichoke and unripe tomatoes. Fairly bitter and spicy wih herbacious hints of artichoke. Interesting balance of sweet, spicy, bitter and freshness.


Made by Azienda Agricola La Selvotta

The farm is located in Abruzzi, on the "lea side of the Adriatic Sea" in the hills of Vasto, Selvotta, Buonanotte, Colle Pizzuto and Montevecchio. In that area, they cultivate vineyards and olive groves concentrating on making extra virgin olive oil.

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