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Frantoio Paolocci

Frantoio Paolocci

Like many of our Producers, storing the extracted oil is very important to quality.

They use Stainless steel tanks; temperature controlled and store the oil under Nitrogen gas to avoid harmful oxidation.

Frantoio Paolocci is located in the heart of Tuscany’s Vetralia region of Italy. In this area the olive tree is sacred!

“The land is full of large and small olive plantations, cultivated according to ancient traditions and cultural techniques consolidated through the years.”

After the olives are harvested, they are inspected for defects and then washed and defoliated.

“Frantoio Paolocci owns a next generation Leopard Pieralisi spin-dryer. It cold works without adding water during the process, guaranteeing the high quality of the obtained product.

The oil, which comes out from the Leopard machine, could contain some vegetation water. It is naturally contained in the olives and it is removed with a next spin separation.

The oil is tasted to verify the organoleptic quality and then it is ready for consumption. As can be seen, the production process uses only mechanical procedures without using reagents or chemical additives: the production process is continuous and uniform and, through the maximization of the different phases of extraction, enhance the organoleptic and healthy quality of the produced oil.”

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