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Intense limpid golden yellow colour with delicate green hues

Cultivar: Peranzana and Gentile di Chieti

Size: 0.5L, 0.25L 

Polyphenols: 515

Region: Abruzzi, Italy

Harvest: hand picking and mechanical rakes Oct - November 2020/2021

Uses: bean appetizers, marinated yellowtail or tuna, steamed potatoes, legume soups, pasta dishes with vegetables, baked rock fish, grilled meats and soft fresh cheese.

Flavor/Aroma: Medium fruity, bitterness and pungency are medium and well balanced. Green grassy hints with fresh green almonds and artichoke. Herbaceous taste, artichoke, green tomatoes with sweet almond is final.

95/100 Flos Olei 2020 - A Guide to the World of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gambero Rosso 2020 - 2 foglie rosse

JOOP (Japan Olive Oil Competition) 2020 - Gold Prize

Concorso Orciolo D'Oro 2020 - 1st Class - Fruttato Leggero

Gambero Rosso 2019 - 2 foglie rosse

Concorso Orciolo D'Oro 2019 - Chef's Choice

Concorso Orciolo D'Oro 2019 - 1st Class - Fruttato Leggero

Made by Azienda Agricola La Selvotta

The farm is located in Abruzzi, on the "lea side of the Adriatic Sea" in the hills of Vasto, Selvotta, Buonanotte, Colle Pizzuto and Montevecchio. In that area, they cultivate vineyards and olive groves concentrating on making extra virgin olive oil.

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