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Ascolana Tenera

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The colour is a beautiful, intense golden yellow with delicate green nuances

Monocultivar: 100% Ascolana Tenera

Size: 0.5L


Region: Marche, Central, East

Harvest: Hand picking November 2020/2021

Uses: It is excellent for steamed vegetables, tomato salads, baked potatoes, risotto and artichokes, also on fish and chicken.

Flavor/Aroma: The aroma opens with strong and enveloping scent, rich in aromatic hints of officinal herbs with clear notes of mint and basil. Complex and elegent on the palate, it displays a wide fruity component, with notes of medium ripe tomato, apple and unripe banana, enriched by tones of lettuce and celery. Bitterness and spiciness are present and well expressed.

95/100 Flos Olei 2021 - A Guide to the World of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The Agostini family has been "making a living" off the land for over a century moving from farming grains to the production of extra virgin olive oils. The guiding principles of the company's vision involve; Quality, Substainability and Innovation, all with respect for the land. Since 2010, they have focused on renewable energy by installing solar panels on the roof of the mill. This has resulted in the frantoio becoming completely energy-independent, while going close to zero carbon dioxide emissions. The mill's waste(olive pits) is now processed so that it can be used as a 100% natural, ecological biomass fuel.

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