Another one of our fine producers was kind enough to spend a day taking us to visit Trappeto di Caprafico, where she also has her olives milled.  We were quite happy she did! It proved to be a very hidden locale, nestled in the Majella Mountains where she then introduced us to Tommaso who was somewhat shy when we met, but quickly warmed up when he realized the Johnny shared his passion for excellence in olive oil production. We had a thorough tour of the mill and then he took us to one of his prize olive oil orchards and we shared coffee and a snack in his home.  You can see how special this grove was by noting the amount of rocks covering the ground under the trees! We have seen this before, with grape vines in the Chateauneuf du Pape region of Provence in France. This phenomenon has a definite affect on the fruits of grapes and also the olive on these trees.

We met Tommaso's wife and two lovely daughters and where we privileged to be guests in their beautiful home.


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